Jan 6, 2010

The Day Smile was POSSIBLE

That magic show wasn't anything great. It wasn't marvelous nor was it that spectacular; yet, I'd categorize that day into a remembrance because I saw what my dear ones' happiness meant to me.

I was too bored that day, I didn't want anything to be done because I was a little depressed. I didn't want to leave my green backyard, the trees or the yummy tea in the morning; neither the familiar sounds and smells, the platoon of brown ants in the mulberry bush who only went in circles, a flock of birds chirping loud, cutting through the sun rays-laden tree branches or the stealthy chipmunk that fluttered its bushy tail at each turn it took.
My life was beginning to shape itself, letting itself loose from the knotted and twined bonds of tethered viciousness as well as from the chocking love around. How ever, the truckload of responsibilities kept on adding. A day left to pack up for Mumbai and I saw that my folks needed a memorable moment with me. Each second with them has been eventful or marvelous for me but I needed to give them what THEY WANTED and not something I WISHED FOR- There is an obvious difference.

Sun took his own sweet time to wade through the 3 hands of the 360 degree clock. Through out the day, pictures of a calm and blissful life away from the city tightened its grip on my heart walls. It dampened the chambers with love and made it pound beautifully, rhythmically and cautiously.

Evening had its charm. And soon did it start to lend its scurrying musical notes, so as to wind up the day. Dad was more than happy to take us to the Magic Show and I was truly lucky to see him laughing like a little child at one of the tricks the performer put up. I wouldn't ever get such a lovely picturesque even if I had paid an actor to enact the scene for me. My Dad, with his hands clapping, smiling and cheering looked at the stage like a little boy, awed and amused at the Magic World and Magic Uncle. How much I want to relive that moment; see that moment again, rewind and replay the same instance again and again; Just to see him smile like a baby...

Sure Life has a LOT to offer..!!

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Sapna Anu B.George said...

Good to see you here too, in Blogs