Feb 3, 2012

An Open letter

Dear C. I love you, really, I do. From the day I saw you, I have been smitten by you. You are gorgeous, round, perfectly tall, the right proportions, not an ounce extra or less, and just so perfect that at that moment I realized that you are the kind I have been looking forward to be stumbled across.

I wouldn't be exaggerating if I said that you have influenced my life, you have. Because my perception of beauty has changed. You came to me or rather, I stumbled across you when I was surrounded by hugely comical, stupid-looking or Stern, non-smiling, non- friendly, arrogant type A losers- the typical extremes; and so, your entry into my life was perfectly timed.

And now when I think, I couldn't have imagined how I finished all my work without your help. The way you paused, the space you gave, the right bend to my imaginative words; you fueled that. I propagate the idea of you to many around me because I value you. 

And hereby I say again, I LOVE YOU, dear Calibri. I couldn't have imagined writing down notes on word, with a default Times new Roman or the boring Arial (yaawwnn, seriously!) or a MUCH OVER-HYPED Helvetica (yea jackass, you don't deserve the attention you get), forever. You have been a true help; when the documents by others looked dull, bloated and uncouth, mine looked neat, disciplined and tamed. When the Kern of Comic Sans looked utter weird (it still does), yours were the right size that I awed at. Your ascenders being just so right and strong, where others needed monkey caps as seriff for support (!! Yea, on your face Times New Roman). 

Fattys ruled the shelf then isn't it? I know you feel horrible when people ignore you and think of Helvetica as a queen (trust me C, I hate Helvetica, I am different), because others  don't know your power but to me, you are a magical creation who has the capacity to change the world with the visual pleothora. Come, let's join hands!

A token of my love to one of the BEST in the world


shubham said...

seems lyk we r in love triangle

~AND_ said...

That's a good news isn't it? :-]

I do, I do. said...

Hehe, at the beginning, I thought it was about a girl/lady and I ended up thinking that lucky are the ladies who get such praises! :P

And instead of Calibri, I'm in love with Josefin Sans! <3

I do, I do. said...

..and I've mailed you.

shubham said...

@ G: ohh yeah

Dintoons said...

Absolutely love this!! A lovely love letter! :D

~AND_ said...

Thanks Din :-]