Sep 15, 2010

Foot- LOose

I had never taken journeys so seriously. Until the day I ventured out on my own street. A lane that marked the beginning of me buying my eyes the most beautiful and fascinating visual gifts in copious amounts; which again, was never enough.

At once when I wasn’t needy, this time I was just greedy. I lazed on the by-lanes of that street, took in some gorgeous visuals into my camera, penned down memories into my heart walls, clawed at the various aroma that hovered around, the same that purloined in each corner and most importantly; lived each moment. The idea of relishing every morsel of street food and bargaining for nice steals on the roadside was never more pleasing.

As I walk by, I catch the attention of a beautiful jooti which I have never oggled at, so much. Perhaps because it was insanely gorgeous and so, yet again, I am just a spectator of the world around, the life around. I have more to learn; each day. This is then, my learning ‘adda’. And this love to lanes and crowds never ends.

This is where I began life. This is Bombay.

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