Dec 29, 2010

Suggest a Title. Bleeh!

I have some of the most inconsistent assortment of ideas, sandwiched between instances and things around me, waiting to be examined. We all do, don’t we? It might include knick-knacks, memories, colorful pinwheels, posters, colors, journeys; moments and seconds of what we have lived- living reminiscent. When we analyze how these ideas constitute our existence, that's when our living is more fascinating. Like the melancholy author Ms. AR said, ‘Human beings are creatures of habit’ and that 'things can change in a day', I believe strongly on the fact that we behave and live according to our wishes, selfishness and habits of routines. We are moulded and modified not by our genes, the phenotypic features or the nucleotide sequences but merely by living the creepy race called life! Weird that is. Assuring the reality that no one’s a born criminal, society makes him one.

Delhi- skies- Gayatri. S | Novemeber 2nd 2010 just above Delhi. NIKON D40X

It is equal to how our lives are twined around the ticking clock-hands, how happiness is not measurable, how each moment that we live through can’t be re-lived. Its ambiguous actually, the whole point of existing comes in only when we have a greater good to do. Greater good could come doing good things in life, being less self centered, revolting ourselves to LIVE GOOD. Nice plan!

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