Feb 12, 2011

ON A fine day called ...

I had thought that we love materials,
for we are after money; smudged with blood and sweat;
that how we make our existence so futile,
ending up betraying ourselves.

Hah! I pondered so and never did I know,
that a man I loved loves me even more
All that I gave him was unasked for;
the most tall, lean, sexiest, gentleman I have ever met.

I thought I'd know him till my death,
But NO it isn't so,
I have never known him
and that's why I can't get enough of Loving him.

There's no exaggeration in saying
that I think of him every single day
it wouldn't be too much to believe if I say
that I wouldn't exist without him.

All that love is mine and only mine
It makes me more than happy
He is the only man I wished I did
know him before life began!

My brain is twined around this soul
who anyone dare not bruise
Since the first day you held me in your hands, close
To this moment I wish we loved eternally, Dear DAD :)

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