Jul 13, 2011

Amsterdam junkies

Life is strange.

Some weeks are FULL of SURPRISES. As in, FULL OF IT. FULL. Brimmed. Ok, you get it.
Sometime else, it's very dissuasive. A roller-coaster. You end up tumbling and throwing up. Like the one I had.

Enjoying, beachy winds and in the company of people for LIFE, (yea Pooja, Aparna, Siva, Frankoo, you guys) at the presence of The Mother, her abode, her place of rest, I get a phone call. Unknown calling (!!??). It startled me; I have been hearing about terrorists plotting bombs that way(god knows what truth lies beneath it) and so naturally such situation where one needs to ponder quite a bit.

I didn't pick the call. A couple of seconds after the phone stopped throbbing in my jeans pocket, it began again. I picked up and saw, a number which began at + 31 20 and ended in 3 o's or something like that. This was FOR SURE a terrorist conspiracy against me. I was so darn sure. Not once have I seen a number that fancy before, nor have I ever picked up calls from unknown numbers. This is it, I am dead.

Thanks to the extended vibrative capacities of my phone, it invited stares and glares from aunties and uncles in kurtas around, who were pretending to meditate. Some were; they hardly noticed this side-based commotion though. I got up with the phone in my hand and moved to the restroom area. Thank heavens that the phone was in silent mode, Crazy frog would have been high on at the pondicherry Auro Ashram that moment, if else.

I pick it up. A very familiar voice speaks out. The voice that I dreaded all these years to be heard ever. I listened to the 'How are you doing, Gayatri?' and shrugged, oh darn!
May be i couldn't believe it that the person on the other hand was actually there, talking to me. I remain silent. The question is repeated again, and the person goes, 'I want to talk to you, it's been....', when THAT VERY MOMENT, my thumb lifted on the keypad's cut-call button. CUT. a BIG CUT.
Later, I found that the number was from Amsterdam; may be that's where all the 'lovely, amazing people' (ooooh, sarcasm, pun and all the like abudantly included) go.

right decision at right times. I love it when The Mother helps me. :)

PS. for people who still didn't get who had called me, never mind. It's better you don't know. Saves time.

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