Sep 12, 2011


Life for Estha (Esthappan) and Rahel, the twins wasn’t very easy. Chiefly when they came down to Aymenem, life was pillared with charms of the backwaters, but flushed with the ruckus of Devil’s own people.

Arundhathi Roy’s description of the waywardness and fresh memoirs of her hometown, set with the backdrop of coconut palms, livestock, boats, traditional songs and a sandwiched Christian life, is very lovely and interesting.

Roy’s evocative portrayal of the small town life of Aymenem in Kerala revives my memories about the vibrant southern sweet sights and smells.

In the story, at an instance, the twins Estha and Rahel find an abandoned boat on the bank of a river, which runs through their Aymenem town. They take out the boat and using a log of wood as a row, they begin their journey through the sun-kissed waters catering water-lilies, multicolored and wide-finned fishes which used to pop up with the fine waves, the soggy feathered kingfishers, that wait for instances when the fishes pop out, and relish the day’s meal. They weren’t alone, Sophie mol was also there; their cousin who carried a made in England go-go bag.

The sunlight pours in and the breeze was playing its fingers through both the tip of the coconut palms and Rahel’s wobbly hair.

The swollen yet authentic use of language in this section leaves us pondering what would happen to the twins. The way Sophie mol is being deciphered into the hands of death is just exponential… unexpected.


I have had a very close experience. It wasn’t on any boat, but in a ship and a submarine (!!).

A day before I joined my college in Mumbai in 2006, I had visited one of my buddies who was the commander in chief of submarines in Mumbai, Mr. Anurag and his adorable wife, who kept on talking to us about how her navy life is and so on. He suggested that we all visit the submarine that had anchored in Bombay waters, (YES, an effing LIVE submarine !!) belonging to the Indian Navy. Oh yeah baby, that was the moment I never in my wildest dreams I thought would come true! He took us on a guided tour( exclusive and at a time when the ships ARE NOT OPEN to the public, hehehe) through INS Vikrant and INS Virat and the most coveted black beauty of the Indian Navy, the submarine that guards our water around the Arabian sea. Woo hoo !

Well, I donot want to elaborate how it felt but trust me, it wouldn't fit in words. Or words wouldnt suffice. :-(

The whole experience was amazing, most importantly; I could understand how the soldiers work for the country, with all their passion. They strain their whole youth for the well being of the nation and its defence.

I salute them. and it gives a whole new edge to me when I realize that I am the daughter of an ex-Airman himself. I love you Dad! :*

Mind Blowing. Karma you see. :-D

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