Sep 19, 2011

Gokarna- The bluest of beaches

GOKARNA diaries.


1) Tim and Ramon (they're thick as thieves they are; two lovely, funny people from Germany)
2) Namrata
3) Sowmya kiddo
4) yours truely..!! (yeay yeay hail thy)

the 3 mosquitoes. Namrata, Ramon and Tim.
you should know Namrata...!

Evening it was; after dinner at 7:30 and a bit of footballing with the German gems of football, we set out for this. All of us are total sea babies! of which Water babies have special considerations! (me me me!) There are perks of living towards 'almost the outskirts' of a city; you get all buses to all parts of the state from within there! We move and wait near the Jalahalli cross (awesome jalebis sell there dude....! round gorgeous and yummmmyyy... okok, no deviation from the topic) and stay put for half an hour. The bus scheduled at 9:30 pm arrives at 10:00 pm and I was to explain Tim and Ramon the essence of working on an Indian Stretchable Time. IST in short. amazing innit?!
We board the wobbly- sleeper bus and lights are off in sometime. Goodnight y'all!

Honestly, I couldnt sleep. the damn bus earnestly pretended to lift me out of the seat and throw me off the road. DCFC's 'soul meets body' didnt induce a bit of sleep either. Damn.

At around 5:00 am, the bus stops and so does the wobbling. much love and thank heavens, that was when I exactly slept off. I woke up after 7:30 am when a fat aunty brushed past me, her handbag, rubbing against my head. She seemed in a hurry. Little 'mama-mama' yelling kids followed her and got off the bus. Strange enough, the bus
wasn't moving. I see Tim's head outside and I also notice that, the bus had halted at some place which looked like a winding road on a hill-side, deep valley on one side of the road, not a chai-walah near by. :( certain things can be sad you know. Some deep dark jungle.

Namrata gestures a confused -looking me to get off and then I am destined to hear a 'bus-broke-down-at-somwhere-where-mobile-phones-are-desperate-to-find-range' story. I wasnt surprised, the wobbly thing HAD to breakdown someday. Damnit!

Tim looked pretty okay, he seemed to have been enjoying this. With no option for 2 more hours, we end up checking out the deep valleys, clicking scenic beauty and group photos. We are disturbed by a State transport bus' rant as it approaches, old people from our bus thickens into it, taking their luggages and little kids (sorry for the comparison). :D
i hear some old uncle screaming "....ayyo... naanu Honnaver, Honnaver..." into his phone and that's when I realized where we were. Half an hour more, two weak-looking men arrive with spanners and equipments on a TVS moped and runs under the bus's booty. In 3 minutes (!! a 2and half hour wait for THAT 3 minutes of work is seriously disturbing) the bus is fine! Ah darn you, wobbler!!
Now the bus starts moving, I catchup on my wobbly sleep in the bus and Sowmya listens to the trashy songs on my Ipod. Tim and Ramon and thoroughly enjoying the ruckus and its quite natural for them to enjoy rare moments in their lives.

Sowmya, wakes me up wistfully informing the bus's arrival at Gokarna. I hurriedly pack up my camera and sweater getting off the bus to find myself in between two cow arses. :-/ What a lovely welcome. There I witness a narrow lane, alien looking, but nice, full of colours, steaming hot food, in the street sides, vegetable and flower vendors sitting on the pavement, cows defecating, sadhus striding with prayer books and chants on
their lips, rickshaw-wallas yelling 'elli hogabeku, madam?', and a confused Ramon staring back at them blank faced. Namrata knows the address of the place we are to go, 'Namastey Yoga Farm ' and we are taken there in two teeny autorickshaws.

We got off the auto, and the first view that catches my attention was welcoming, beckoning and what not? The blue vast sea front from up above a hill, the blue horizon that meets the water and it seemed like I reached heaven. True story! Kudle Beach from above Yoga hill !

Man, I was overwhlemed. The First picture I click of Gokarna is this. I am more excited that this view is just the one we'll be seeing two days more from in front the place we're putting up! ('Tie you down by Shaimus' on full throttle on my I-pod..!!)

We freshen up from the cottages to catch a glimpse of the Beach. stepping down the steep hill we reach the end of a small passage from where the sea begins. Gokarna's own- Kudle beach.

market street, Gokarna

Want more pics? Its right here,


Nam said...

Ah! The memories :)

~AND_ said...

ohhhoooooo... hows Germany, german akka?
Prost(? if you've commenced already that is)!! for your 2 months there..!

Met 'em, the other mosquitoes?
How's the 'VERY HOT' Ramon? Hahahahahahhaahha :)

you should post your views on the trip too. :))