Oct 15, 2011

Auroville_Mitra YH

MatriMandir, AV | © Copyright Gayatri

those two months at Auroville was just amazing. The amount of patience the place put in me was unbelievable. it taught to me to respect every being and the idea of believing in oneself. and then I realized. I can never get enough of AV. sigh. I wish I go back. Be there. and start loving it all over again. The night rides, solar kitchen and La-terrace, Repose beach and New creation pizzeria.

something from Mitra YH and people there, Bobby, the handsome cat who runs around saloni's legs, my darling TVS moped, the red-dusty roads, my first ever fall from a bike. :) :*

Bobby boy :*
photo courtesy : Dhruv

midnight coffee with a pencil stirrer
photo from: Siva's cam

Perfect background score for AV times: HERE ! This is the ringtone of my phone from 0:46, when 'AV' people catchup :)

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