Oct 10, 2011

A loss

I have grown up traveling. Vagabond style. Both parents are transferred every 2nd year to places we've never heard before. During all the trauma, there are certain people who make your life special, make moments special; and it couldn't befit any better if they are musicians. certain songs make u instantly nostalgic, because those songs must've somewhere touched your soul.

Dad used to have a big mostly first class music system with surround sound that he kept at home, to listen to his favorite songs. His most favourites were ghazals and carnatic music. He owns a HUGE collection of melodies of which many date back even to songs from 1930s. precious.

undoubtedly, songs of the maestro Jagjit Singh ruled the shelves, from his classic urdu ghazals which melts one's heart to his movie songs including 'hoshwalon ko... bekhudi kya cheez hai'. It's quite obvious if i say that I literally grew up listening to his warm voice, his charismatic demeanor of tonal excellence.
When I heard that he passed away and that we lost another gem, I felt a pang in my heart. I knew that this meant an irreplaceable loss, a loss one can only pray that it never happened. I texted my dad immediately and he too seemed quite sad. the last time I cried when a musician died was when Mj passed away. Jagjit sir, you too bought a tear or two in my eyes.
Pic courtesy Ibnlive

I wish he sang more. He spread his magnificant voice more. more that his emotional wheels he brought in churned our souls even more. But he'll always be missed. like the walls of our hearts etch some people for life, as they've personally touched some chord of ours, Jagjit ji, you are eternal.

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