Nov 16, 2011

Gokarna- Lazy beach-ing

This time I fell in love with Gokarna even more!

A place which has just ONE ATM, cows romping all over the streets chewing flower cud, women walking in traditional attires, pooja goodies and little God's statues, narrow roads that smells of incense sticks and blooming flowers, colorful all seems like from a different time. Time has stopped here and that's why perhaps, everyone gets lazy in Gokarna !

Cows gave us company. Loads of them.

One more.

Temple remnants- Street, Gokarna

The music shop with the coolest of instruments. Mini-Sitar too !!

Funky Kitsch T-shirt

Colorful house and woman.


I wanted to get lazy; doze off listening to the sea and waves, see a million stars above me, tickle my taste buds, walk barefoot on the night sand at Kudle, be there; witness. For some good reason, all happened this time. We strode past the busting streets, music shops, tiny cozy beach shacks, ate well, saw 8 shooting stars over a star studded sky above, the 6 of us lay there lazed on the beach sand- with guitar, music and two dogs. Sensuous and romantic indeed...Superb :)

Wave break. Kudle, Gokarna

Kudle beach from a shack

our cozy shack where we stayed. 125/- per head. Too good !!

Some pictures from the 2 day trip, fresh from cam; on a group of 6. The best part of the trip being the STAY. Sunset cafe at Kudle. 125/- per head for a day (although we stayed for 2 days technically, they were sweet enough to let it be). What a Bliss !! Food was more expensive than the roof above our heads! quite an irony!

Sunset Cafe. Kudle beach. Nice service. Sweet people.

Beach art by Saloni at Ohm beach

The Coziest Damn place at Ohm beach. All of us slept like LOGS

We strutted to Ohm beach, waves crashing and breaking ahead, blue sky and a blue sea, brilliant. A much needed week-day lazy trip it was. Trekking, dip-in-the-sea, eating well, sound sleep, lovely place to stay, what more do you want?

A narrow bridge leading to the sea at Ohm beach. Beauty.

The boat ride to Kudle bech from Ohm Beach. Awesome !

Splash !!

On the way to Kudle- Boat view.

Night time: Dinner- Chicken Sizzler. Salivating!

Penne Pasta in tomato puree and cheese. Splendid indeed

Mix Seafood Sizzler. Yummylicious for 140/-

Lazy Dog at Gokarna.

Yummy homemade Ice-cream for Rs. 10/- Strawberry flavor.

It was a superb trip this time. We kept aside our worries and tensions and bathed it away into the sea.
Gokarna, I am Definitely COMING BACK. AGAIN. :)

(All photographs by GAYATRI 2011)


beekood said...

Nice photographs.. Planning a trip soon. Thanks

~AND_ said...

well u shud, Its an awesome place!

let me know your experience!