Nov 29, 2011

I'll be god-DAM-ned

This is the minimum I can do. And with my limitations, I hope I can support more. The dickheads sitting up there in the capital in their AC cars and 5-star luxuries should learn some humanity before dealing with human beings. I pray that the swines had the balls to stand responsible for people's lives and not toss it around.

I'm SO HAPPY I Wrote two 'leaders' (keeping aside literal meanings)

LeadpencilA = A clueless Prime Minister (thinks he's too 'ishmart' )
leadpencilB = Ignorant Jayalalithaa; she should've stay put in acting owing to her good-looking face. Sigh, what a shame.

Another striking Image doing the rounds. Jaya, on your face, darling.


xyzandme said...

I get one hour to save myself after that dam gives away. Pray for me and those thousands others.
I cant even swim. =/
I will bookmark this comment section, and probably comment here when that dam breaks and my survival chances
are minimal. Tumhare iss blogpost ko amar kar dunga :p
Rakhogi na mera comment till the end of time ?

~AND_ said...

:-/ sad state man.
Iam asking my folks to;

1) Buy a boat (seriously)
2) go for swimming classes; you should too, since u can't swim.

This blog is ETERNAL. and so is your comment. :)