Nov 6, 2011


India feigns about puranas and Upanishads, which inevitably hold the Traditions high. It terms Bharat Mata meaning Mother India. So all this means that Indians respect women? May be earlier, but not any more. Every now and then there is a story of groping, eve-teasing and atrocities which gives my spine a tinge to be even named. I am a lady residing in India and which means I have no chance of living in harmony without even one act of abuse a day. I couldn’t be sadder; as now with some officers on high posts declare that its better for women to remain at home (probably his wife/daughter would set us an example) than go out; Lameness at its core.

Until now, I used to boast to people that Mumbai was utter safe. I was proud to call myself a Bombay-iite than all the 'hometowns' I have had. Mumbai was a charmer. We finish get-togethers at Zafrans, Busaba and Leopold's at 1:00 am in the morning and travel back by the first local at 4:00 am. Until then we cathcup on the mid-night breeze, talk to the waves at Marine drive, sit for a while on the stony ledge overlooking the sea , sip chai, talk.

But THIS shook me. Head to toe.

So now, who is safe and who isn't?

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