Dec 2, 2011

really a _dirty picture?

its not always i write about movies on blogs, i guess its the first time. but seriously, i can't resist this time. not because of the punchy A-rated dialogues, again, strong direction and bold scenes, or a non-family oriented plot. i was looking forward to this movie and just before i found my seat in the cinema hall, in the darkness, it occurred to me that I had years ago Wished that someone did make a movie based on the life of the protagonist. Sad story of inverted stardom, infamy and treachery. The Dirty Picture; Silk's story(sic).

Silk Smitha was a sensation. I don't remember watching any of her movies (never got an opportunity to watch being away from south india) but during one vacation at native, a newspaper announced her suicide(sic) and a picture of her, smiling, alive. now, curiosity is great at 8 years of age. so naturally, i asked my grandma who the lady shown in the paper was. smart granny avoided my question by deviating from the topic. she was successful too.
i discovered very late that Smitha's vamp-repartee in south indian households wasn't that great; it was not good to even begin with. when i came to know of her story, i felt empathetic. just because the society made her what she was and later the SAME society shunned her. (she says that in the movie too)

1)_the movie had some REAL catchy punch dialogues, very Adult-rated (VERY. ex: holi khelna;) conversations, scenes (vidya balan has GUTS) and very good script.
2) _most of the time if a movie is based on someone's life (non-fictitious), it gets pretty boring towards the end. that's probably because the end is known; its obvious. Surprisingly, This movie didn't take off interest even once.

3) _ the story was steady. unlike Rockstar. (ugh. hated the latter. although i still maintain that the two good things in the movie were, Nadaan Parindey and Ranbir's cute grunge look; smitten !!)
4)_ one actually goes blank for a while listening to the dialogues and awe at the one seated next to you, like 'did she just say that?' , 'oh good lord, what the...' and the like.

5)_costumes have been researched well. I wouldn't say they were good for current times; but looks like the costume designer has done a lot of effort watching silk movies; even the fabric, accessories seems from a different time.

1)_the last song- emraan and vidya duet COULD HAVE BEEN AVOIDED. That's the only time i saw viewers stretching their hands up like until then they were in charm and it just broke.

Rating should be 3 and 1/2 out of 5

After a long time a movie touches a chord with me; about a lady who was lusted at at night and spat at in broad day light; whose sensuality was too explicit for valued society and the same society'd enjoy her in the shadows- hypocritical and ironical at the same time. A story about Silk - a good job done there Mr.Luthria, Vidya, Naseeruddin shah, Tusshar and Emran. cheers!
I can't stop singing Oo-lala oo lala actually. :) until then..

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