Mar 2, 2012

My Love- Stick Figure- NID days

It's been so many days that I have actually taken by unruled book, gel pen, polished my brains and sat down in the mood to draw. I love stick figures. They're beautiful. Mainly because they are cute, small and reveal just the right information. While rummaging my old folders in the comp, I came across this bunch I drew about NID, my graduate college; the one I drew last September, while at Ahmedabad. Beautiful time.
Yes, it does mention the copious amounts of cigarette and chai that flows at 'chai-gate' to the Langoor monkeys and the beautiful dancing peacocks. 

NID, Ahmedabad. The stick Way

The stick figures' image I drew before, of Auroville was not that clear. I might post up image series of Upasana and Auroville together sometime soon. I hate putting up high-res images. My strange liking to little things! 

Have a nice weekend ! Got a lot of errands and running around to do tomorrow! 


Dintoons said...

Hehe, supercute! :)
Have you tried using a fountain pen with black ink? I've fallen in love with it, and keep doodling all the time. It has the raw feel of a steel dip pen, with the super convenience of portability. Do try :)

~AND_ said...

i will..:)
thanks for the suggestion, musttry!