Feb 20, 2013

Reading bits

Books are awesome. I have been gorging on some wonderful pieces to read lately and guess what? I have got a Kindle Fire in my hand now!
I have been buying tons of Ebooks from the internet and gorging on those pages, just getting back into the good ol' habbit of reading.

Three books being continuously munched on:
1) A. Roy - The God of Small things
2) After Dark - Haruki Murakami
3) Norweigien Wood ebook- Haruki Murakami (shown on my BRAND NEW KINDLE!)

Otherwise though, I am at a very early attempt of reading Das Kapital By Karl Marx; one of the TOUGHEST reads I have been through. It hardly has any 3 page sentence/ prose as in Midnight's Children (Rushdie) but just by the volume of facts mentioned, the enormity of the reality in it, it is an intriguing and hard a  read.

Buy Karl Marx's Das Kapital: Book

Then suddenly, this month got all groovy with Toto Chan!  one of my favourite books of all times! Such an awesome book this was, learning about Japan, knowing the culture. I should say that this prolly might be the book that made me fall in love with Japan so much! Reading it after 12 years has seriously cemented the fact that, education that Kobayashi master foresaw was what exactly the world needed now. And sometimes I am that jealous that I wish I were born in Japan at that era when the story is set, study elementary at Tomo-ga kuen; just to meet Kobayashi master and experience life. 


Next in line to read - The Wind Up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami. His writing style is more interesting these days; his mastery over explaining a character in depth makes you wish that all his books were reeled. 

Happy weekend reading! 


Anette Hansen said...

Did you see the movie based on Norwegian Wood yet? Many of the scenes are shot in Kyoto, and the nature is really pretty.. There is an outdoor onsen by a waterfall in Shizuoka that was featured in the movie as well; if you have the chance I would really recommend trying out the Ryokan by that waterfall(^o^)/

~AND_ said...

Hey Anette,

I watched it, and did i love it to bits!!! :)
everything looks so beautiful in the movie! you are right though, i should definitely visit those places once.

Thanks for writing in!!! :)