Apr 10, 2013

Wallpaper for Today | Paraphernalia

I am thinking of giving out a few photographs in the form of wallpaper - So feel free to download this image and make it your wallpaper.

Size: 1800px x 1205px

Let me know if you need a bigger size.

This picture was clicked when a few friends gathered at night during a power-cut and I decided we do something creative - Lying beside were a few neon light tubes and bulbs, bought that day and a dark room- Bingo!
We turned the room pitch dark, drawing the shades and curtains and I set my camera on long exposure but with an increased aperture, to not allow all the light in, but only the ones that actually show up to our human eye. I make a friend stand in front of my camera, with the lights in his hands, asking him to move the lights to and fro in his free will, that could pattern out the light onto the sensor! My shutter speed was as low as 2 seconds, allowing as much movement to be captured as possible.

We see the result! 

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