May 9, 2013

wading through

We all need a memory to linger on for some time/ some years to come; the pristine stash of fortune one would carry for a long time ahead. Something that feeds your intellect and the broken bits of it, keeps you tickled for long; something that only journeys with family can do.

A family trip shuttered right here - through the Lankan hospitality, into the aquamarine beaches and golden sands of Thai luxury, via the impeccable prosperity of Hong Kong and an extravagant evening at Macau, life needed just the right doze of the soothing wilderness. Tripping for 10 good days, we kept aside our worries and office woes, slept through flights and wine, sauntered around fun Casinos, skinny dipped in azure beaches, shopped till we dropped, ate varied cuisine sumptuously,  survived the Avian influenza epidemic scare and huddled through each other- just what the leisure doctor prescribed!

Pattaya! Wooh.

A picturesque azure sky and aquamarine waters. cooling effect with
the Adrenalin Rush of the adventure sport

Parasols resting

Meats on Barbeque - Thai Tandoor

Some festive meats steaming over the barbeque

Steaking up that chicken - Love the colors here!

A devotee at the Golden Buddha temple - Bangkok

Budhha statues

A smiling warrior, protecting the temple.

Being excited about trips like these are natural - it stimulates you. To be precise, aren't we all made of memories? We do what we do, we decide, we act and respond to what our memories have taught us. Each trip lends us memories that are to be fostered and fed in and out; ;learning from it immensely, feeding body and soul, equally!

That's Hong Kong 

A glimpse of Kowloon's Life

City Buzz- Hong Kong

A little girl waits at HK's Mongkok Night market with her mother.

Merry-Go-Round at HK's DisneyLand. (Disneyland, yeay!!)

The Lantau Island's fishermen's Village. HK's past.

A lady prays at the A Ma Temple - Macau

Some Red lanterns adorn the walls - Macau

Lankan Hospitality - Architecture.

Negombo beach - Colombo, Lanka

There were tons of photos clicked; funny faces, sharp angles, sumptuous meals and fun moments. Although we need such magical moments, some of them are better off not being captured. Picturing them fakes the real emotions in them. A certain few of those memories must remain with us in the knolls of our brains, and with the others who shared that very moment with us. 
Somethings are best left unsaid!

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