Aug 28, 2013

Barbecue Times

I attended a Barbecue workshop recently.
It was a very different experience from the usual Sundays of reading/ eating/ walking around/ roaming.

Some photos from that workshop were a bunch of unknowns grouped up and became chefs; with the dicing, cutting, chopping and squeezing the onions, bell-peppers, chickens, fresh aubergines, lemon and spices (garlic, limegrass, thyme, rosemary). As an eventful day we grilled out some really mouthwatering dishes, as of now all I need to buy is some coal and a fine barbecue grill ! I am thrilled. 

Chicken marinated with pepper, olive oil, thyme, garlic and a mix of fine spices!

Chicken wings in oyster sauce, spiced and resting on the grill

The cheesiest thin-crust pizza being baked !
Slurp and drooly all over! 

CultureTrailsIndia Bangalore had organised this event and I thank them for an amazing day. It is extremely chivalrous and nice to thank and acknowledge people when they have taken out their time to do something for you. Feels really nice. 
So Meera and the entire CT team, I ate well that day because of you. :) Thankyou, happy sundays!

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