Nov 6, 2013

Food for thought

Some extra effort has been put on at work these days. And that effort is growing on me. This realization dawned to me as I sat in a junk pizza place munching one of those cheesy bastards, hot and nice with mushrooms on it, waiting for a friend.

It occurs to me that we, literally, throughout our lives, live celebrating our food. I am not someone who instagrams my food the moment I set my eyes on it, but I do click the food that actually makes a difference to me at a particular instance. For example, if I am tired, I cook some lemon rice with some mint chutney and since at that moment it is my comfort food, I record it in my phone, don't post it anywhere. Or if I am on a train and as hungry as a mad dog, I click those parippvadas just because they gave me my piece of pleasure I so wanted. Record to remind. So, now I added instagram filters to my food-photos and man do they look nice!

I just rummaged through my phone and I find that I have tons of such Food pictures!
Sharing is caring, right? So I am posting all of them here. I have no reason to do so other than the fact that for us humans, happiness/ satisfaction/ appreciation/ celebration is expressed primarily by food; throughout cultures.

The Bestest Bisibelebath, Vangikolambu (sabji of brinjal), 
pomegranate seeds and cucumber salad.
A friend's mother cooks the BEST Iyengar food. 

You see my drool already? Damn!

At a restaurent near Tirunelveli, where they served us authentic Chettinad thali. 
Zwoop down my throat

Gorgeous thing, aka Telicherry Biriyani that my uncle cooks and I swear by!

Gulab jamuns, come right into my mouth. At an event, I ate these for free.


The same event, had a gorgeous buffet spread. This was my greedy plate; whiteforest cake, pudding and jamuns!

Yes, I bit that entire pudding, I don't plead guilty.

This was malaimurg methi tandoored and some kulchas. 
*doing a bhangda just to please my tummy god.

Cabbage soup. Still food. 

Chicken vindaloo, Ashvem, Goa.


Nuggesty paniyarams; they are a gift to the world; Madurai 

Breakfast one day;
Brown bread toasts, Egg with oregano and 
boiled and roasted cheese-filled sausages 
(don't ask me where I get bizarre things from, 
let's just say my tummy really thanked me that day); 
Bardez Goa

Pomegranate seeds! I fancy them. They're nice as a snack. Even at midnight

Freaky penne pasta (That was a flour overdose)

Meduvadai, Idlis and generous pouring of sambar with some yellow kesari.
Brahmin wedding breakfast

Kisses, right into the heart. Gifts from a friend

Banana chips piled against some condiments. Streets, Trivandrum

Crazy Nasty INR7-ed home made ice creams at Kamat's Gokarna

Dahipuri from Anand's Sweets, Commercial Street

Shrimp Spaghetti pasta in white sauce

See those pink prawns? Prawn pizza yo!

Spiced Rice, Pineapple salad, and RED THAI CURRY. fish. Heaven.

The Awesome unlimited thali at Ahmdabad. It just didn't end.

Birthday Cake 2013, amigos!

Mushroom ka baap pizza with cheese and olives.
I know that those greek gods up in heaven were so jealous
that I just didn't share this baby!

Chicken Tandoor Pizza - Cafe Xtasi, Pondi

Chicken Junglee sandwich ( kinda junglee, not so)

Blueberry cheesecake (baked) that a friend gifted -
Birthday Cake duex.
Sorry that the color looks pink here, stupid flash,
but it was actually a deep purple + burgundy.

Want more? Okay. here. Phew. But wait, let me wipe that drool off my chin! 

soft sponge cakes. I can eat a 50 minimum. 

Smartypants whiteforest cakes. You guys!

Salad greens- lookie at those veggies! Slurp!

Breakfast once:
Honeyloops in cold milk, Dosa, Spinach and soybean mix in mayo(my own recipe),
scrambled eggs with salt. Good for the day!

Singapore Rice and below you have fish slices in the weirdest of Oyster sauce.
It still tasted pretty awesome.

Nachos! Win

Literally, death by chocolate with blueberry icing

Fried Rice, Goan issstyle.

Prawn prawn and just prawn. Spiced up and just too godly!

Little Hearts! Favourite pastime!

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