Nov 11, 2013

revolutions and reactions.

Haven't you heard of Pussy Riot?

They're these really awesome bunch of women who are very vocal about things they stand for and first to protest any development politically that they dislike. Based out of Moscow, Russia, no prizes in guessing why this group caught my attention.
Russia has an extensive and fascinating history, but as a generation galloping towards change in ideals, these girls use music and dance in well crafted lyrics to put forth their point. Currently they aren't happy with Mr.Putin's regime. So they go singing a punk prayer song at this really old Christian church (very orthodox), that spoke, mocking Putin and his regime, claiming mother Mary and the Virgin being anti Putin.
The funniest bit about this church being the fact that the patriarchal priests were chanting a prayer of a blessed womb and a blessed wife, and yet refuse women to be sermonizing at the altar. They claim that these girls would've been burnt if it were the 16th century (not anymore, grow up), calling them witches and devils (the idea of burning another human, as though has got nothing to do with being devilish).

The song below which these girls sang and that sounds super duper cool, if you ask me; despite the tattered Russian I know. Now, just for singing this song, the girls face a bleak future. 3 years of imprisonment that has gone overboard with one accused already missing from the Siberian jail where she was put.

This BBC documentary below on this event that unfolded, which also show some priests who HATE women not following men, while halfheartedly praising a woman's super awesome womb. Hypocrisy, much?!

That's Nadia, she's cool.

So scared of some women singing at your altar? Fearing that this action might bring down the foundations of your faith? Then why believe in such a farce at all?

I had enough reasons to believe in Mary Magdelene and The Da Vinci Code, but the fear I saw on the faces of those priests, on the ideology of these women, just cemented the facts I harbored doubts on.  

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