Mar 24, 2014

and work matters, they say.

This time over, I am sharing an excellent example of unprofessionalism from REAL LIFE, which I encountered and probably, had I not have had 3 years of professional experience/ had I been the newly passed out naive graduate, would have fallen for and bam bam bam, be cheated. 

So, I get a collaboration request/ work inquiry in mail as a design consultant from a 'very famous' company (as they claim it) 'P**** S***********, at 7:00 pm one Saturday. I am curious and I always look forward to designing. 
I read the mail I got and decide i need time to think about it. i do not reply immidiately because I don't think that I should jump before I think, in my profession, taking up everything and not being able to deliver anything at all. So, at 5:00 am the next day (ahem, a.m and unprofessional identity numero uno), I get a mail  from the same guy that demands that I 'start work immediately' and 'awaiting my reply soon', 'ASAP', etc; a kind of insisting a forced employment. I had my doubts but yet, I reply positively inquiring more on the kind of work and requesting him to send me a job brief of my tasks. 
He does not send any contract or brief of job but instead requests my number to 'discuss over phone'. Ok, that's alright, although I prefer mail contact if I haven't met one. But he doesn't stop there. Instead maintaining a professional code of ethics (use of words, and addressing) I get bombarded by phone calls in just hours of my reply that asks me to 'come online now', 'I have to discuss something important', on a sunday afternoon. I really don't mind that. I love my job, I will.
What pissed me off most importantly was this; he sends a mail as I go online, that has a long word doc that describes the 'PROJECT' i have to accomplish, wireframes and visual design work [ For 10 effing webpages, yikes!], and all this even before I sign any form contract/ even before I get a job description for my designation but only with his terms of work (again, no contract whatsoever) in blatant mail text. 

quote: 'Rules and Regulation
1. I need copyright free work comparable to top websites like facebook or twitter or behance or any other inspiration given [I LOLed at this one, classic!]
2. Watermark with copyright symbol and send me the Jpeg. Once approved you can send me the PSD. If we take the PSD only then a payment is done.' 
[unpro ka baap, numero duo]

No advance for my effort, nothing. 
I see. Hmmm. 

So, I reply stating that 'I would need an advance payment after I send the jpeg which could be half of the entire compensation, to make it fair, for my time and valuable effort and keeping in mind certain bitter experiences I have faced before. Also in case of need of task flows (etc) additionally, that will increase the compensation provided, accordingly'. I say that because it is perfectly legitimate; because, you see, the last time I checked, no task-flow, nothing; nothing is made out of air. Every work in the creative field requires thinking, and a lot of effort, patience and appreciation. 

And this he sends in reply, wait for it, for my request that he pays me an amount for my time and effort.

'I am not sure if I would like to recruit you or have you work as a consultant.'

I ask an advance after I send the jpg, and he pees in his feeble brains. Urrrmm then what about my time and effort, mr. invasion?! 
As though there is no effort AT ALL, to make a design and send jpeg for 10 web pages. I simply thought that his attitude was Plain Selfish and nothing close to a professional work ethic. I would do any design for my friends in a heartbeat, I know them well and they, I can turn back to. But this, was an utter disgrace to call a work culture with a man, who even before setting a contract with a professional, demands valuable time and effort from her for no payment, unless approval of the final design, which he'll juice out of me if he likes changes in the design. As though any designer has no life and he's free to work, no matter what time of the day it is!

Honestly, my immediate reaction was NOT, 'oh, there goes a good opportunity' but instead, I was actually relieved, 'thank heavens that sh*t is gone'; as I was smiling when I thought about how I was saved. 
Companies and people like that, please. Do not go to designers thinking design is an easy word/ world, if it were, you'd design and that. You don't. So make it fair and keep it straight and neat. Get a contract and work diligently, eloquently. Stop being an a*sehole.
I have worked with startups that have been extremely well informed and professional in the way they deal - even if they didn't like my work, they definitely compensated for my effort and time. And that too, a good amount from the entire compensation offered. 
But this, this is shame. 

If you think this is just another boring rant, please feel free to ignore. but I had to share this; of nonsenses one puts up with, as a design enthusiast. I imagine this to be a fair world, but it isn't. 

Major thing missed: He was the CEO of the company. OK.

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