Apr 11, 2014

Now in week.

What has been happening?

Life had been adding salt and pepper for a long time. It got monotonous and boring. Dull and irritating. Then it turned in the sliced lemons and made it tangy. I drank it down with Vodka. For a while, the tanginess was much needed. Curious enough, but life surprised me, yet more.

It began pouring honey. Coarse honey. Although I get salt and pepper thrown into my eyes every now and then occasionally, the honey I gulp down my throat, the very same honey that life has given me, I can't part with.

awesome seafood platter - I had with a friend Meera last day. This Lunch was so yum, that I had to click a photo of it!

Spinach Steak and flavoured rice!

Writing about Streets and travel! My favourite thing to do!

I have been extensively writing for The World Reporter's Travel section. And I enjoy every bit of the writing process and sharing my photographs. I have always wanted be a  travel writer and fulfilling my dream step- by step. 

Reading: Reading has taken a slight backseat. However, I am reading The Cleft by Dorris Lessing. It can be called a book from the feminist angle slightly. But, since I am just reading through, I'd rather not judge.

Have a great week ahead!

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