Oct 19, 2015

When New York came beckoning!

The trees shed their crimson leaves
The pine cones lay scattered and in heaps
Believe me and the narrow charcoal roads
where a thousand colors of fall bestows.

Spray me some water from the splendid Niagara,
Shut me some of nature's might,
paint me some blue from Lake Ontario
Or from the North pond as ducks wade, not so shallow

Burst me the sea breeze around Lady Liberty
or the sour metal smell of the Subway doors.
Couples kiss in the quaint corners of the bogie
As the Hudson smiles beneath Brooklyn's core.

Fly me a kite, fly me a paradise,
Fly me the spin of lows and highs
Fly me those canaries, cooing in calm,
Fly me Oh! NewYork, Fly me once again! 

All pictures copyright attributed to Gayatri Sivakumar © and cannot be replicated/ reused without prior permission.


Daniel Burton said...

Wonderful pictures posted! I would like to visit Niagara Falls in 2 or 3 weeks after I finish do my essays. That started to be a big problem for me to finish them. But I promised myself that there will be no vocation, before the papers are done =). All the best!

GS N88 said...

@daniel Burton: Thankyou for your kind words!
All the best for your essays!