Sep 27, 2016

To Stop Waste

The sense of waste that dawns to you after you have crossed a convincing age is miraculous. To some really old humans, such a sense has hardly ever dawned and hence, do not even consider such exceptions.
I am talking about the educated, well-read humans, with at least some sensitivity to the world and people around, to who the dawning of 'waste' is a mere matter of time.

Waste is inevitable if you are a living being. And because we are humans, our wastage is exponentially macabre. We dump waste at every nook and cranny of our earth and nature and it pretty much holds up as to why we are termed by ourselves often as the most destructive of all species. Well, if you think of it even dung beetles love the shit they roll in, except for us humans; we throw 'em all.

And it looks like I am in that phase of realization; that phase where I realize that I belong to this species that can only destruct and destroy. And that ain't a good feeling. So, I have decided to  take  a step back from worldly progress and begin with 'self-waste- reduction'.

India is a populous country. And say, atleast 40% of the country is women. Within which, the women of menstruating age is atleast a good 25%? Now, I don't expect all women in India to be using sanitary pads and hence those who use sanitary pads are say another 15%? That itself is such a huge number!

Every month atleast a tonne of sanitary waste is dumped in every city in India and it breaks my heart to see that I was also a cause of that waste accumulation.This turning point in my life comes from this fact; that I am not ready to use non-biodegradable period blockers anymore. Enough is enough. I am going to shift into an alternative that could range from cotton cloth to mooncups, both of which sound utterly uncomfortable.

On second thoughts, 'the discomfort' is all a matter of 'getting used to' as afterall, humans are indeed creatures of habit.


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