Oct 20, 2016

When you walked back in

When you both left us one day,
into your heavenly abode,
it felt numb; spaced and cold
Like a thousand roses suddenly turned to bricks

Shutting my doors tight for days.
not letting even a ray of hope to let go,
falling back again into bursts of grief palpitations,
I held on the memories that you gave; with every heart strand of mine.

I couldn't believe the absence of your presence,
I shook my mind in disbelief, as though I heard a big lie,
Letting go off you and your memories is not easy.
Until one day when you surprised me in my dreams.

I saw you both, sitting on the verandah of our home you so loved;
I saw you both in your usual attires, hands folded on your laps
Creased hands, white hair;
smiling at happiness of being back there,
Waiting for us to come and talk to you, with that familiar starry eyes,
but wet with tears- for you'd  moved away from us.

I saw you clearly and began gallopping to the love you were.
I was tired but that didn't matter.
All that made sense then was the fact that you've come back
As I leaped onto your laps and asked you, 'are you going to stay?'

You touched me with your cold hands,
My forehead; that which was burning with sweat.
and the tears that ran down my heart,
with all my might, I asked you again,

"Come back just once?"

"we can't"; you replied. You replied slow that it rang my ears for sure,
"We aren't allowed to"; you say, as I sat looking at both of you, deep grief on your face, with glistening tears in your eyes,
"they won't let us come back; they have never let anyone go back, so you should know"
As I wept on clutching your fist close to my heart.

You let loose your hands and went away,
I woke up suddenly and felt my heart go astray.

Grandma and Grandpa, I will never let your memory go.
Miss you every single day.

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