Feb 8, 2017

What I ate in Seoul, Korea

Check out the yumminess I belted in while I went tripping to Seoul, South Korea.

Taken across Gangnam, Jamsil, Samseong and Myongdong regions of Seoul city.
All images are clicked by Gayatri and are copyrighted. 

The tasty Bento box a.k.a Lunch Box- This contains a fine assortment of fish cakes, filleted Salmon and rice/ noodles to go. Fine dining at Samseong

Mandu - Dumplings with fillings of beef, pork or both, mostly.

A Prawn dish made of batter-fried prawns, topped by a poached egg on a bed of white rice. 

Dakgangjeong - Korean honey fried chicken; less spicy, hint of honey, comes with drinks.

Dakgangjeong Anju- Korean spicy fried chicken- taken with drinks

Tofu with Kimchi, a Korean “anju”( a type of dish that generally comes along alcohol)

Golbaengimuchim - Spicy whelks with noodles. A typical Korean Anju

An assortment of chinese sticky sweet made of rice

Spicy Seafood noodle soup - clams, mussels, fish cakes and soy noodles in a chilly filled broth

Manjoo. A roadside sweet made of waffle batter and filled with Limecurd/ Beanpaste. I liked the beanpaste flavour better. The Limecurd was more like egg yolk; hardly any lime flavour. Jamsil station UG shopping centre.

Seafood Ramen noodle soup - topped by Mizuna leaves, fried prawn and some spicy notes/ chilies

Pork belly Lardon strips, batter-fried and served as a starter

Mandu soup with seafood. In Korean, Mandu means dumpling. At a small roadside eatery; Gangnam

A dry seafood noodle; filled with the goodness of mussels, octopus stubs, prawns, fishcakes and fine scallions, topped with spring onions!

Street Food. Fish Skewers. Fish paste is mixed with spices, battered, breaded and fried in oil. Myongdeong market.

Beef Skewers. Myongdeong market

Korean Ka-re rice. aka Curry Rice.  Over a bed of rice we have chicken pieces, vegetables, crunches all dunked in a gravy, thickened with cornflour.

Korean Ka-re rice. Over a bed of rice we have a beef steak,  vegetables, crunches all dunked in a gravy, thickened with cornflour topped by a sunny side up egg,

Will post more yumyums in a while! Sorting the photos yet as the journey was exciting, helping me load some more calories and a very fantastic one in all!

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