Who The Heck Am I?

independent Author. Nomad. highly expressive, roaring appetite for design and books. Biryani / Chai binger. Artist. 
swims over clubbing.
cat-person with bouts of flippancy. 
loves the way it is.


I love: my producers, clouds, everything yellow, chocolates, music, font Calibri, Gardening, driving, travelling, long walks, beaches, good music, neon lights, book binding, POTTERY ceramic pottery freak, collecting knick-knacks, yoga, drawing stick figures and cooking. I have some addiction to cow-prints, lip balms, watches, bangles and pretty earrings, photos and streets. most of the times I look forward to going to Bombay because the way it makes you feel at home. No other city I have lived gets this place in my heart. Doodling keeps me going. My black gel pen, an unruled book and a camera would suffice. I'd live.

feel free to drop by a message in case you'd like to know more


There's another BLOG I run. Nothing much, but a personal gate.
Geek a Beauty

Happy days ahead~