Nov 11, 2007

Why did the night BLEED?

I remember the Day,
I wouldn’t forget it that way,
With swollen eyes at a bay,
Racking my brain in dismay.

I saw her in my dreams,
in the pastures of my realms,
And in the candidness she seems,
Wouldn’t behold the reddish beams.

The river was red,
Like froth of blood,
moving like waters in a flood,
and sinking in the deep heart-bed.

She stared at me,
Her red robes swaying,
Swashing and sinking,
Like red dreams I’ve been seeing.

It was all red as I remember,
Nothing was ever there to ponder,
But leaving my heart to wander,
The red lady, so sober.

I opened my eyes that bled,
To see the darkness of red,
It was dark as ever said,
I lay dreaming in my bed.


Nishanth Nair said...


aint_no_saint said...

One Word.. Beautiful!
It ws dark.. and as usual..I fell for it..
Gud wrk. keep it up

Pooja said...

I wonder who is the lady ! faboulous work though

TITANIUM said...

well good one

but this one is showing negative emotions too much

rest is cool