Jun 8, 2009

Dear Kamala

Why did you leave me just like that?
I wanted to meet you, see you and learn your Love.
You were just there but now so you are gone;
I wished I saw you breathing and alive.

Just as my fingers tap my collarbones,
And I keep wishing that the moments came back
when your love treaded time and tide,
seeping into lives and touched ‘em with your warm soul.

Your smile and your strength that drove all of us,
But just withered like pollens into the air;
yet I’m hopeful for the days later
where your passion blooms into golden sunflowers.

The way you wrote; I was mesmerized
Your pains went unnoticed: the world is faulty
I feel nice reading through your words,
suffused with swollen memories; sure guilty.

Bestow on me oh lovable, the air you carried,
I’m just a meager awed at your stoic and strength;
I feel my heart pounding in your memory,
And the pang of loss that brings me to agony.

1 comment:

TITANIUM said...

well this one reminded me of my situation

so much emotional

and superb composition

tapping fingers on chin

so realistic

who is kamala by the way