Apr 29, 2010

Pun Makes people think

Sometimes being straight forward just doesn’t work. Sarcasm, in such cases becomes the saving bean. Visual communication takes a totally new outlook when pun and sarcasm plays a part. Indian advertising lately makes use of such twisted humour to bring out people’s reaction to it.
Coca Cola for years hav
e been accused of squandering water in India. A coke Graffiti with empty pots against it, waiting for water supply, clearly gives us the right notion about looting our water.

The second picture with Colgate and an old tooth-less man, gives out a strong pun. Colgate has the tagline of, protection for all ages’. What about this gentleman who has no teeth? He is still happy, without Colgate’s ‘protection’. There, we go back into our traditions of Mango leaves and twigs and not believing an MNC.

The third, hugely makes fun of Nike’s tagline ‘
just do it’. As a brand, Nike could have been more specific with
what they meant by ‘IT’. When creative humour strikes, Nike is not spared too. Such a visual makes people think about the vagueness of the claims of some Brands.

Happy Advertising!


vilasini said...

You do a lot of lateral thinking.Hats off to this super creativity. Good going !

vilasini said...

I envy you....