Apr 10, 2010

The wooden board of Beasts

Mirrors hated her. Even if she tied up her wild curly hair into a bulky bun, even if she wore her favorite yellow T-shirt, crisp, clean and properly ironed; even if she put kaajal on her eyes and gorgeously drew them, mirrors hardly made her aware. She had light brown eyes that mirrors loathed. Her flawless hands were hidden by the sheepish mirrors. The mirrors despised the beauty of her mind, her Air. They humiliated her, everywhere. They showed her the bushy eyebrows she carried. They showed her wedged foot, her split ends and her big ears. They highlighted her terribleness and they disrespected her beautiful soul.

She loved them but. She’d hope for the love back every time. She wanted to assimilate all that life could give her. And for that, it didn’t seem pointless for her to wait for its acceptance. She loved colors, especially Yellow. It made her smile. For her, smiles were of yellow color; no one knew how but she believed so. She loved dolphins and cats. Stirred by amusement, she loved it when Antonio Banderas dove and shot at enemies in Desperado. “Dishyum! Dishyum!” she would cheer him over. She’d croon over when Jack kissed Rose and loved waiting for kisses. She loved to Love, pour it out in abundance. She had enough of love with her, to give. No one ever came. Ever. until…
--Gayatri Nair ( 2009- ?

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