Nov 18, 2010


Do you know what futility is? Futility is

1) the idea of being a tissue paper; cutting a tree to wipe one's ass.
2) the idea of baking a chocolate cake to be all eaten up by ants
3) to the gestation of a life in a mother's womb and the later abandon of it, on the streets.
4) the fight between two enemy soldiers across borders; whoever dies, wars still wouldn't cease.
5) the development of a notion, only to be broken like a crockery-piece in the hands of critiques.
6) the treatment of chemo on an already ending life.
7) to buying violin strings and strangling the enemy at a tiff.
8) To loose it all at the end of a luxurious living
9) To breathe fresh air for a while only to go into a coal mine.
10) To be given a sumptuous feast and to be led into the gallows.
11) To hold on to the ray of hope when the earth under you is crumbling.


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