Feb 29, 2012

Gokarna Map_ take and travel

The Bluest of Beaches in Gokarna, India

One of the Best Beach towns in India; Gokarna, Uttara Kannada Dist. Karnataka. Magical. Blue waters. Peaceful. Spiritual and Beautiful. That's a Promise.
You know that I am obsessed with Gokarna, I've written twice about this abode in this blog, Over Here and Here.

Now here's one more!


Sunita said...

Love your maps, Gayatri! :)

Sunita said...

Gaaah! Sorry about that ... I created an echo of my previous comment :P

~AND_ said...

Nah, that's ok about the repetition!
But, Thankyou! :] for taking time off to comment. much appreciated!

Vese loved your blog too! Particularly the Indiaaaah Blog.
on seeing that I wanted to get myself back to Bombay. Oh darn i miss it! :((

Dintoons said...

Superb map, yet again, Gayatri! You're really soaking it all in, in namma South India :D
And thanks for taking time off to say some lovely words on my toons :)

Oh btw, reading through your list of what you did in 2011, for some reason I'm SERIOUSLY inspired to get off Facebook. And if i do it, you're to blame/praise. Cheers!

~AND_ said...

Ha! Din, our south Yindia yis the bessst! :) we all know!
but Thankyou for dropping by here! means a lot! :-]

vese i looove your toons, theyre so awesome! seriously you Do have a gift!
FB is a party pooper! it ruins the preciousness of our time; it makes humans more interested in gossiping than anything else! :] im happy m off! seriously, consider it :-]

Dintoons said...

I chickened out, still on FB :P
Other than the gossipy thingy, I guess it has its uses, esp when it comes to sharing stuff.
So I stay. For now.
How i envy your guts, independence and free spirit! :)

Radhika said...

Really cool...especially the Mooooo!!