Apr 2, 2011

Despising a game India lives.

They say that the British left India in 1947 with a final blow called Pakistan. I think not. Infact they blew us as a nation even further by delivering a game called cricket; the game that the white blots began to get themselves a tan from the sun that shines bright in Calcutta(colonial capital), in early 1900s (sic).

There goes a saying from Ms. AR that "we despise ourselves and adore our conquerors" and that's why perhaps our National games of hockey and kabbadi are NOTHING in front of a lousy day and night game the British drew wide, on our mental and moral outlook. It is more of a dark paint that they dipped us in, that which hasn't run off and is so strong supporting the quote above.

To add on, the cheese and cream of India, the ones with golden and silver spoons in their mouths, club up and make another drama termed the IPL, on which CRORES are spent, scams come up day and night! I even once witnessed a big hoarding requesting IPL support from the citizens, right opposite to a slum cluster at Dharavi, Mumbai on my way to Sion. Little slum kids awed at the massive structure, oblivious to how they're being cheated into it. We can fund luxury and not feed millions of the poor in the country, is it?

Poonam Pande joins in soon, with cheap publicity stunts and attention deficit disorders. While men of the hockey team are paid a meager salary of 20000, a cricketer is paid Rs. 1 Crore just because he is a cricketer!!!

I think I am quite clear as to why I LOATHE CRICKET.

Jai hind!

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xyzandme said...

Hate the game not the players.
Also cricket was first played with a hockey stick. ;)