Oct 31, 2011

Baby angel_

I sing to her feebly some song,

Her eyes slow down, close upon, over my shoulders.

Like a sunflower she bloomed,

her toes and knees so splendid.

She smelled so good, of caramel

Her little fingers clutched tight on my sleeve

The light tuft of hair on her small round head

and her constant puckering mouth, eyes closed, lips tight; little angel.

She was beautiful; her head near my neck

The smell of baby-powder and milk all around me,

How she woke at every car that passed by;

the noise, the loud old bad world oh why?

She clenched her fist around my hair over my collarbone,

How her tiny heartbeat pounded against mine,

How her skin felt so soft and lovely

All in that moment sure were I proud and did I envy.

The air of travel, brushed against her ears

I closed ‘em slow and she rested herself more

Onto my heart, away from the world;

a little bundle of joy, who I adored to hold.

My lovely Niece, 6 months on the earth

what a joy, a precious deep-dimpled baby,

her mother busy in front of the mirror, as I look on,

the love smiles in her sleep on and on.

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