Oct 18, 2011

A page of Ghar ka khana

the opening of the biryani pot, the aroma that spreads, and the knowledge that you'll b gulping it down pretty soon when you're hungry from no breakfast; is the bestest feeling the world. After, errr many other worldly pleasures, of course!
Isn't this JUST gorgeous-looking?? Yea, this was cooked at home.
Not by me, hold your breath. LOL. My uncle is an excellent cook. And, this is his creation.

Trust me, no Taj lands-end can give this taste of authentic Malabar Biryani. Something I envy in my uncle and his cooking skills. Before I leave this place, I HAVE to learn the recipe by-heart. It's a shame that I still havn't; blame it on college-routines babies!

How I wish I were an ant living in a Biryani pot...!! *sigh..

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