Nov 13, 2011


I was utter bored the other day after work, so when one of my dear friends tagged me on a Google-Buzz post, which was a questionnaire, I gave it a shot as well. And the tagged person had to answer those questions in his own way. Cuts a lot of time. So here it is:

TAGGED? Answer them. and TAG 5 from your side. Go on.

1) Who do you love the most in the world?
-- My producers. In all senses.

2) The hardest thing on earth according to you is?
-- Believing in humans, as of now.

3) Would you be easy on your life or take it serious?
-- If I had two lives, I'd be easy. I have one, I better take it seriously. So yes, Serious.

4) What is your idea on commitment?
-- BIG Responsibility and needs courage to go through once in, be it any sort.

5) What is Love to you?
-- The emotion parents have looking at their daughter receiving her degree certificate.

6) What do you think of babies?
-- They're amazing. Period.

7) You will HAVE to reveal who your best friend(s) is(are)?
-- Besties. There are 5. and they, I trust my life with. They know who they are. They don't need revelations.

8) Your favourite perfume?
-- Currently using DEVI essential's Audacity. Auroville made. Splendid.

9) Friends or Lover?
-- Not both. Family.

10) Your best critique?
-- My Dad.

11) The first word that comes into your mind when you hear these words:
MONEY- Priced
LIFE - Great
PEOPLE - Acceptance
RULES- Silly
MEN- Ego
WOMEN - Beautiful

12) Someone you hate.
-- I don't hate anybody. If an answer is absolutely required, then I'd say George W Bush.

13) Sea or Hills?
-- Sea. Anyday. Anytime.

14) Kisses or Hugs?
-- HUGS, without doubts (!!)

15) The day you will never forget?
-- The day I held my new-born, pink-skinned sister. I couldn't imagine now, how a small spark of life could hold my attention and mesmerize me for a long time.

16) Long hair or short hair?
-- Short. comfort leads.

17) Curls or straight?
-- Curls are beautiful.

18) Something that disgusts you about the opposite gender?
-- Thinking low of others, chiefly women. I'd put it as, 'lack of chivalry'

15) Something you love about your own gender?
-- The ability to produce life.

16) Your BEST feature?
-- My heart.

17) A person with the BEST personality you have come across.
-- My Mother. hats off.

18) Some famous person who you'd love to meet?
-- Arundhati Roy

19) One country you'd love to visit and why?
-- Russia. For the rich but ignored history

20) One complement that took you to cloud nine?
-- Any complement from one's heart takes me up there.

21) Would you, forget and forgive someone for a grave mistake he/she did to you?
-- Forgive Yes. Forget, no. I am a human, no god.

22) One advice for the opposite gender
-- Learn to respect women, see the difference

23) If a friend betrayed you, how would you deal with that?
-- Bring in Silence.

24) One thing you hate in yourself
-- blindly trusting people. although, i have improved a lot

25) In 5 years, you will be?
-- Still Happy. :)

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