Dec 12, 2011

creativity _unleashed on clay

Some clay and pottery work on the go. Just wanted to post a few. I love mixing clay and making pots. Its the best stress buster, best hobby and the one deed you'll feel so proud of yourself to have done. I PROMISE! I am intending to:

1) make a Pottery studio at my place very soon
2) and what..? Make Pots, dammnit!

: at the potter's wheel, I am making the bestest tiny bottle I ever made on clay.
May 2011. Sunshine Pottery studio- Auroville.
Photo credits: Aparna


white pot: Ceramic pot; glazed and prepared.
Brown pot: non-fired. mud+ clay mix
Photo credits: Gauri



This is another clay work. Clay modelling, to call it. A mask made of clay. Made by very own; sister!!

mould and idea/ concept: Gauri
Painting/ colors/ finish: Gauri

This is typically what I call and love to call: Super-Sexy work. Inspirational

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