Feb 18, 2012

Trivandrum, our Own

Trivandrum is really a charming place. As  we reach the railway station and move forward, we are greeted by a number of buses waiting for people to board, the conductor calling out place names loud, narrow roads, swarmed with numerous autorickshaws (seriously, never found so many rickshaws anywhere else in India, as of now), bustling with life, people moving fast, hotels and restaurants nearby gearing up to welcome their first breakfast customers, the aroma of freshly ground coffee lingering in the air from the Indian Coffee House at Thambanur; these are all just a mere 10 percent of what a small part of Tiruvananthapuram can offer. There’s much more!

My eyes were set on beaches. Any malayali would be proud, that their land is dotted with sunkissed beaches, golden sands and unending waves but here at Trivandrum, beaches are a part fo everyday life. The sea holds a very important position in trading and economy in India and Trivandrum has one of the best natural harbours in India.

Vizhinjam is an isolated beach area towards the outskirts of Trivandrum town. This is one beach area where a lot of fishing takes place and which has a small lake that is been cut off from the sea. Since the sea and the lake come close the reef is deep and Vishinjam can brag of unimaginable wealth in sea; both in marine life and useful waters.

The land overlooking the vishinjam lake swarmed with boats and a church. Busy!

As a beach where the banks are elevated for 70% of the region, this offers a magnanimous view. Huts and settlements dot the inhabitant end of the approach road. Kids play on the stretch and take- a dekko- into the blue oceans, and give away their sadness into the beauty of the blue waters.

Enjoying the beauty-  Vishinjam beach. 

The stretch of Vizhinjam.

The goats who took a keen interest in my camera.

Vizhinjam. I bet it’s good.

Kovalam- Eve’s Beach
The beach of Kovalam was busy but, with people, vendors, bubble-machine sellers and small kids. One thing to specifically notice is that all these beaches in Trivandrum are really neat and have Blue waters.

The clouds were drawing in, and the sky growled every now and then.

Picture CopyRight: Gayatri

Night-life, Eve’s beach

A young girl, evades the waves as the night draws in- Kovalam.

Temples, Palaces, tourism and More beaches
The next day was more spiritual I should say. Started from the Padmanabhaswamy temple, the major landmark of Trivandrum; also called its identity. The roads and surroundings are  clean,  the temple overlooks a beautiful pond, full of life with fishes and  other little creatures. Devotees take a dip in early morning hours, and like any other south Indian temple,Padmanabhaswamy’s own pad, looks magnanimous!

 Pile of banana chips and other goodies.

The life of street vendors near the temple.

Shangumgham beach. Colorful umbrellas
Very beautiful and long beach, a nice place to enjoy and chillout with friends; Calm and to it’s own.

Two ponies awaiting customers at shangumgam Beach. 

Tourist Homes and Tourism's Own
The Idea of Veli tourist home intrigued me. A place where everyone could come and enjoy the natural beauty of Kerala at a mere of Rs.5/-, is a great initiative by the Kerala Government. With boat rides and restaurants opened up, one couldn’t miss any less of Kerala’s backwaters and lagoons.

And Trivandrum, is just the place you would want to go!
A swan pretends to dance her moves through the water; Veli tourist Home.

All Pictures Copyright> GAYATRI 2012

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