Apr 9, 2012

when time traveled back...

Sometimes, we need a sense of belonging.It's a rudimentary feeling, but is inevitable. As so, it becomes the reason why we exist. Family, relations, blood ties, et al are more complex and deep rooted that we behave mostly not as we are born but as aliens, adjusting to society.

I was at my grandparent's place, spending the weekend, feeling their warmth and love; and it occurred to me that underneath the creased skin, slow walk, stammers and incipient, recurring questions of concern lies this age old knowledge called belonging. 'I Belong to you, and you belong to me', 'you are my blood'; all these aren't just terms but means much as well when our old folks repeat it over and over!

So one could possibly imagine the excitement in me when I stumbled across a couple of marvellous images- The Past, the Reminiscent, The Beginning- 'when life was full of beginnings AND no ends' (quote from A.Roy)

Images I stumbled on, those which spoke to me stories of how my grandparents belonged; to their bodies, to their surroundings, the aura they carried, the charm they bore, et al. 

Even better was when I stumbled across a family photo; Just because it reminded me where I come from; feels great, to have an identity, feeling the sense of value you have with the past. 
So, Start hunting your grandparent's home and cupboards for treasures and keepsakes like this guys, because getting hold of an old picture of your parents as young or younger than you or seeing how splendid people before you looked can only bring out your love to them in leaps and bounds! Additionally, we all know where our good looks come from! ;)


xyzandme said...

Your mom looks cute :p

~AND_ said...

Thanks, ill surely pass that compliment to her!!! :)