Dec 18, 2012

Journey much?

Where is my next journey to?
I have been thinking - how is that I decide my next destination? 

Actually, it's somewhere we'd like to explore and see ourselves in; probably out of hearsay- opening ourselves into wilderness and dreaminess.  Somewhere I feel the need to throw myself, so as to help my improvement - Soulfully, from within, from self.

That rippling creek

The learning process

through the knolls of Pichavaram

So, where's my next destination going to be? I don't know - Let's wait to some unexplored territory- A stash of fortune that I am to add to my memory, a melancholic picture I am to paint my dreams with, a fine chapter in my ever careless life, a Retrospection into the myriad mysteries around, a Plunge into that deep valley that fills my lungs with the zest to live, the fine tone of musical note that wades through the air, the aroma of the spice blends that bestows me a sense of bliss- The abundance of Utter love that I am gaping at - 
How Beautiful is My World!

I begin

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