Apr 10, 2013

Old town Charm - Goan Escapade

Recently I did a backpacking trip to an interior village in Goa, called Nerul, near Bardez for a week of peace. It is a bright countryside and in the mornings you can hear birds chirping and church bells ringing- get the drift? It is that silent and perfect an escapade for  people looking for a peace of mind. This piece of land is becoming a sought after area for builders due to its remote location and much takers from the cities for the country side of calm.
There is a famous Church here which is a white splendid piece of architecture, trimmed with pastel blue. Looking at it makes the morning sun saner, shining bright through the bunch of Pretty Pink Bouganvillae. Lot of dogs here though - they seem utterly enjoying the freedom they're getting. Occasionally a vehicle or two passed, breaking that crass silence of the countryside. Cows moo-ed not so far away.

From the Dome of Nerul Church

The Nerul Church.

This guy befriended me in a little time and didn't let go off my side

The most catchy element in this little village was the inexplicable interior decor sense of the people staying here. Impeccable, very sophisticated and yet, easy on the pocket. I spent more time doing pottery and checking out the interiors than doing what I regularly do - travel or eat. It's a shame we don't have this amazing art (yes, I call it an art to personalize a living space) well documented; however I did my part through a few photographs. Not a lot many though- satisfied my color-hungry camera. 
The houses in this country side are painted with a blast of myriad colors that makes us wish we saw these more in cities. Bright blues, yellows and the combination of the two (which I never knew looks so amazing, and now then happens to be my favourite color combo!) pastels, wooden themes and the like. Great interiors with that country Goan touch pretty much took up my days, where I enjoyed Pottery and soaked up some sun.

An awesome interior from a house at Nerul. Check out the woodsy theme, 
sided by Ceramic hangings and those bright blue walls! 
There needs to be color in the house, A LOT of it and trust me, I am off coloring my room so bright and new, come in and all you see is neon! Colors define your space and to me it's more than a beautifying element - it's very personal, customizing your moods and your personality. 

A part of the same house, where the Lampshade is bright Yellow! 
Sunkissed and highlighted by that exquisite Blue! woof!

A Little Detail can never go Wrong!


Some Pots I made - More to Come up!

An old building in Vasco on the way back!


Peace out Goa, You are a charmer. Splendidly your own.
All images and text Copyrighted by Gayatri © 2013

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