Jul 30, 2013

What's New

I have been really busy! There's work that I am enjoying and that I am not. As for the one that's not being enjoyed, I counter them with comfort deeds!
Some pictures of how days have been going; I reckon it makes sense to bring out certain special moments that means much. It could be eating something good and soothing, getting a new pet, reading something brand new, travelling to a far off place etc.

Murakami book I have been reading - It's brilliant, as always. With the many short stories, he amuses and tickles our imagination. Vivid.

At a parking lot this weekend, I find this message written on the wall with a marker pen. I am sure it requires customers to be careful, but it reads funny.

Meet Soozie! She's a plump green moneyplant gifted to me by a client at work! She gets her share of sunlight everyday at my windowsill and looks like she's enjoying it! My baby!

Pasta - Cheese cream and olives with shrimps. Too yum to not forget. Cheese is much required, served hot on rainy, damp and dull days. :(

Morning walk yellows. Find this scattered on the roadsides everyday; the flowers of yesterday that fall down to wilt. That's my moccasin giving a company to them beauties. Don't be tricked, I clicked the pic carefully.

Red Chicken Thai Curry (creamy, mmm), Rice with lentils, served alongside pineapple lettuce salad. Yummy and Most welcome!
My comfort lunch!

The days are getting colder in Bangalore. Flu time. That's the only party-pooper. :(

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