Sep 30, 2013

The novel

There are two new members added into the bookshelf! 

Being this unbiased Murakami enthusiast (perhaps the only author making sense these days) I jumped at an offer from Flipkart at the sale of a combo of two books. If you ask me I were happy at the bargain, aw heck yes! why wouldn't I? 

1) Dance Dance Dance - Murakami. H
Hey, Wonderful! Suffices. 

2) Boats on Land - Janice Pariat
She happens to be an Indian author from Shillong, and I have never read her books. This should be an interesting read from what I catch off the summary. Living through discrimination is bridgeable. Honestly I picked this because of the surreal coverpage design - photography and the mood, indeed catchy. I can review this book I guess. Let's see.

While reading through the Murakami wonder, sipping some cardamom tea, I am listening to some soulful spanish guitar Music that had caught my attention after I had watched Vicky Christina Barcelona. Watching that movie reminds me of a dear friend who I have grown up with. And that piece of awesome instrumental is a toast to that bond we carry in both our silly hearts. It brings us close to those walks after college, the pretty bougainvillea we admired growing in bunches, the movies we watched together (including Vicky Christina...) and the thai curry/ momos we shared, mulling over life's tricks! 

It's curious how music actually befits into our lives as background scores! 

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