Apr 10, 2014

Cheats called FAB BAG

A friend vents her anger at a CHEAP SHITTY SERVICE called the Fab Bag, that doesn't deserve any praise. Let's see what she writes!

Tell me after looking at this picture.

Does this count for in any angle, any way for a whopping 599/- , okay round up, 600/- INR?

These are, let me explain, the infamous and shitty FAB BAG products I received after subscribing to their crap of a claim.

To be honest, I never thought I'd be duped like this. But then I have to post what Mamta, the head of that cheater company, had written to be after I wrote to her my displeasure of having received sub par drugstore items and nothing to do with what I paid for. 

I had got 

1) Cetaphil moisturiser and Cleanser lotion - samples- drugstore items that I can buy off the pharma store right opposite my lane.

2) Vivel - with an expiry date of May 2014 - and something that is absolutely rejected by every single woman I know. (Kareena Kapoor endorses it, she gets paid craploads, we know!) 

3) Tommy G Lipstick - slightly fine, but does NOT suit the Indian skin tone with it's ridonculous Neon Orangish-pink shade.

However, Mamta Aunty writes,

Hi ********** - We are extremely sad to hear that you dint like the products which were allotted to you.
Our customization team surely puts in lot of efforts to send in best and closest three products according to the questionnaire.You have made the payment for three months subscription, we surely dint want to ruin your subscription experience with us as we surely dint want it to be like thisAs per the policy we wont be able to refund your amount for March bag but can cancel and refund the amount for the coming months bag ie 1499-599=900 will be refunded.
Will surely hope that you will give it another chance and not cancel the subscription.
The second point makes me fume in disgust at her sheer audacity to justify the kind of awful service. Had it been the case as she has written, I'd get products according my questionnaire I gave them filled. Nope. That wasn't the case. and aunty Mamta wouldn't herself use any of the products they had sent me, and I am not keen to waste my money on the horrible/ waste company. They're just going to run down soon!

Good riddance, that I am NOT GOING TO SUBSCRIBE to this SHIT. 

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