Dec 29, 2015

My share of Chlorine juice.

It's extremely important to be healthy, strong and grateful for what we have with us. 

From the time I have been swimming regularly for about 5 months now ( I started swimming regularly from 2013, had to take a break after 8 months, continued barely in 2014, and now this stint since August), I have felt an increased urge to lookout for the holistic well-being of myself and my dears, with each passing day. I can state with conviction that when we find one 'activity' that we feel suits us the best and follow it religiously, it let's us maintain our physical and mental well being for a long time to come. It boosts the morale, increases confidence and lets you prepare well.

Anything trivial that bothered me in the morning, disappears the moment I jump into the pool as I concentrate on my breathing/ stroke. The power of conditioning your body and soul is crucial and only lies in your hands.

Eat what's required. Find some activity that moves you (physically and emotionally), hold on to it and work with it for your body and self, just gives out a better you in very few days. Promise.

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