May 11, 2013

Mom's the Boss!

Usually in the race of life and for it, we step over and keep aside our personal lives for more money and acceptance in society. We overlook and take a few people for granted. Mostly those we take granted for are our immediate family- the ones who don't judge us for what we are, the ones who accept us the way we are, the ones who are never sick and tired of our antics and the ones who cannot stay away from us for a long time!

Mom, dear Mom, you have been my best 3 am friend till date and I owe you big for that. I can never thank you enough for the life and confidence you gave me. I wish and pray that I be born around you every birth I take!

Your values that taught me to empathetic and sympathize with fellow beings have only done me good. I am sure to be keeping in mind your goodness and prosperity wherever I am!
How much I owe you!
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