Jan 19, 2014

found mine!

Let's just say, I have been someone who never believed in the word called love. Don't get me wrong, as the manifestations of love and its forms are multiple, and that I know and reckon that -- like the love between a daughter and her parents, the love that exists between two sisters or siblings, friends and relatives and the like. But although all that, I wasn't still sure of the love between a man and a woman that the advertising companies exploit so much and feed on, that the deo, greeting card, diamond, cake companies, archies and 'you name it' thrive on.

It was an absurdity to me - falling in love with a man; a man who I can proudly call mine. And myself, his.
As many around me, committed and bonded, spoke of their better halves in pink words or as I saw, PDAs in full throttle on roads and parks, I had still no hopes whatsoever, that my better half did exist.

And sooner, may be violins did start sounding in the background, along with saxophones as stars glowed up in the moonlit sky. Probably the wind was musical, merry and fragrant and knowing all that as it approaches me, was my biggest discovery to self. May be love did have manifestations that I didn't want to believe in.
At this juncture, I can proudly say, there is an emotion that makes me want what I was waiting all this life.

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