Feb 10, 2014

You are remembered.

I wish I could update something happy, but people leave happiness behind too, amidst the tears, as they leave this earth. Don't we love what they teach us and the memories like fresh paint? Rest in Peace.


I have never ever written a letter to you ever before. But now, I want to. It might be late, but I know you'll forgive me for that.

I want you to know that you are always going to be there in my memories, etched for ever. You were an integral part of my childhood and life after that, as you guarded me, accompanying me to my music class and tuitions, buying me chocolates on demand, enlightening me with your experience in the boiler room of a ship and giving me a wonderful lesson on patience.

You gave no one any trouble until now and I have always wondered how you managed to get the physical strength you had until the age of 93. 

Hard labour. Tough childhood. Strong hands. Rough seas and a Sweet tooth. Easy End. Lucky man.

Although physically I will miss you around me, your presence is still there - in your suitcase, clothes hanging on the peg, the smell of fresh Dettol, the coin purse and valuable 'materials' you treasured with so much care. 
Your mind's strength to not sit idle, even if you're unwell - has taught me a lot - I can emulate your characteristics in my daily life and I thank you for teaching me that.

I thankyou - for advising me to be calm at adversities, for showing us that being well- read is so crucial, for buying your grand daughters sweets when you went out for a shave and a haircut, for chanting away as life put you in near death situations, to wish minimum in life and not be greedy, to be the active best you can.

Achacha! how precious you remain!
I love you. For Ever.

A year back. he smiles, like this. even now. Pic- Gauri

Sure he doesn't miss his daily newspaper wherever he is! Pic- Gauri


Unknown said...

No more random smiling,questioning or fighting for the best position at the dining table. Everything in the house will remind me of him-clothes,newspaper,sofa,kitchen,backyard...
I am sorry,if I have ever hurt you achacha, you will always be loved.

marmaram said...

Blessed soul.
Flew away, keeping everyone light hearted....

marmaram said...

Blessed soul.
Flew away, keeping everyone light hearted....